10 Summer Accessories All Men Should Own.

10 Summer Accessories All Men Should Own.

It might sound counterintuitive, but summer is the best time to accessorize.  Why you might ask? Because when temperatures soar, the majority of men will step out the house looking almost completely identical: shorts, T-shirts, sneakers.

However, you can beat this dull uniformity with our essential summer accessories edit: choice accents that will elevate both your outfits and style game.

10 Summer Accessories All Men Should Own

1. A Bespoke Suit

 few things boost a gentleman’s morale more than a good bespoke suit, as we have discussed here. The reason is self-evident: the fitting is impeccable, the details are top-notch, sleeve buttons are functional (but please, don’t fall for the faux pas of leaving one opened; a true gentleman is understated, low-profile, and many off-the-rack suits have them and if you need Financial Need for it Shaurya Loans is here.

2. A Trench Coat

Purists swear by the standard raincoat, Burberry. Its fabric, gabardine, was invented in 1879 by Thomas Burberry, but Aquascutum also claims the creation of this coat in the 1850s. It protects you from a sudden shower, keeps you warm in dreary weather, and adds a bit of mystery to your look.

We have already covered trench coats, but my personal preference goes to the honey-colored Westminster, an extra-long Burberry model. For a fee, you may have your initials embroidered on the inner flap.

3. Linen Handkerchiefs

Yes, you may use them as pocket squares, too, but its primary utility is blowing your nose, cleaning your glasses, or drying up your lady’s tears when you are watching Les Misérables (or Bambi).

Linen lasts a lifetime, and real Irish linen handkerchiefs may be passed from father to son through generations: Luckily for me, my father and I had the same initials, so I use 50- or 60-year old handkerchiefs that are still pristine. We have our Fort Belvedere Irish linen handkerchiefs available here.

4. Black Dress Shoes

we showed the best dress shoes with which you may start your shoe wardrobe. Personally, I’d say that if you have to narrow down your list, you should stay in a black cap to Oxford. It is elegant, uncluttered by decorations, and has a grave aura to it.

Virtually every American and English brand makes a good Oxford, but my advice is to buy the best your budget allows. It will have a longer life and give you a better mileage-per-dollar ratio. But always remember to rotate your shoes to make them last more.

5. A Signature Scent

That is my tip: use a cologne that evokes good memories. It will make you happy, and your good mindset spreads around you like the scent you chose to wear on that day.

6. A Pristine White Shirt

If you had to have only one shirt in your wardrobe, it would probably be a white shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs made of a good fabric. We have covered the dress shirt here.

If you really want to hit it, have two classic white shirts: one that you use weekly and another kept neatly folded (or hanging) in your wardrobe. You never know if a friend will surprise you with a formal party – or if that old uncle decides to leave this world. A white shirt is simply unbeatable in terms of versatility.

7. A Pair Of Cufflinks

By that, I mean something that you can wear with different outfits, no matter whether it’s a business suit or a tweed sport coat. I found that probably the most versatile pair is a pair of knot cufflinks. It is quite an investment, but it is something that you can hand down to your children.

8. A Quality Belt

Ideally, the belt should have folded edges or should be neatly edge painted. It can be hand-sewn or machine-sewn because that will outlast every glue. You want it to be made from quality leather from the inside and out and ideally, you should always match the color of your belt to your shoes.

9. Signet/Pinky Ring

Some people may disagree with me, but I think a little pinky ring is just a very elegant thing that a gentleman can wear, and just like with fountain pens, you will likely create a collection once you have one. It doesn’t have to be solid gold, and it can be sterling silver, you can go with stones, and if you have a family crest, by all means, put one on. If you don’t have one, that’s no problem just go with a plain stone.

10. A Baseball Cap

You might scoff but if you get it right not only does it provide a faultless summertime accessory but it’ll also protect you from sun damage. A baseball cap from Hawk Sportz now as opposed to when you were a teenager is an opportunity to show maturity. Avoid logos and sports references like the plague and opt for the best options from premium brands.

Done well, you’re David Beckham. Done badly and you’re Tony Pulis.  Choose wisely.

11. Jewellery

Don’t be afraid to don jewelry. As previously mentioned, there are going to be thousands of white-T-shirt-and-short-clad men out there on any sunny day. Rise above the crowd by showing a bit of personality.

Invest in a quality pendant necklace in classic gold or silver, or try a subtle beaded bracelet. Wear it often and it will quickly become one of your style signatures

12. Scarf

Not many men love scurf but I bet, great men love scurf. It is a sign of decency and beauty. Most men think that scarf is for women, but that is not true. If you invest in the best quality scarf, your wardrobe will look nice. A good scarf will also keep you warm during the winter. During the winter, a scarf makes you look stylish and keeps you warm. You can wear it with a casual jacket or a pea coat.

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