A guide to dress shoes in 2021

A guide to dress shoes in 2021

You can judge a man by his shoes. They reveal a lot about the man’s personality and choices. It is given that not every formal shoe will complement all formal outfits. So it is important to pick styles that match your personality and the occasion and more importantly look good in what you are wearing.

Also, shoes can truly make or break an outfit. Every detail and every scuff counts.

There are several things to be kept in mind when choosing a pair of formal shoes which are inarguably one of the most important investments a man can make for his wardrobe, rather than treat it just as an ephemeral buy.

What are the things to look for before buying a formal shoe?

1. Type of Shoes

First, you need to know the shoes you are looking for. Since, today, there is a wide assortment of options to choose from, determining the type of formal shoes you want to buy is key. For example, among the dress shoes, we consider Oxfords the most formal one, followed by Derby, and these are ideal for black tie events, meetings, and weddings or sports events organized by City hawks sports.

2. shoes Leather

Since leather is the most prominent and common material for men’s formal shoes, the quality of leather plays a very important role in the quality of the shoes.

A few tips to identify quality leather:

  • Good quality or original leather will not smell like chemicals or plastic and will smell of polish
  • The stitching on the leather will be subtle and neat
  • There would be a few blemishes, patches or scars on the surface of the leather

3. Fit

Just like in clothes, the fit of your shoes (or footwear) is of extreme importance, not just as part of looking neat but also for the wellbeing of your feet. Always, choose fit over style.
Just to make sure your shoes fit well, keep in mind the following:

  1. Try out both of your shoes (pair) and walk around a bit in them to gauge the level of comfort (too tight or loose).
  2. Ensure there is no added pressure on your legs when walking around in them
  3. It’s better to wear your socks (that you would normally wear or plan to wear with your formal shoes) when you are trying out the new pair
  4. Try to wiggle your toes when wearing the shoes. As a thumb rule, there should ideally be one-inch space between your big toe and the toe box.

Also, do keep in mind that, unlike suede or cloth material, leather shoes will not stretch much. Hence, while investing in one, thinking your feet will adjust to it soon will only prove to be a myth.

4. Shape of the toe

There are different types of toe shapes, ranging from plain toe to cap toe to wingtip and semi brogue, to name a few. It’s best to choose one with a reasonably shaped toe rather than opting for dress shoes with a very narrow or wide one and thereby strike a balance.

5. shoes Heel

Dress shoes should ideally have a short heel (not flats) and this heel should not be more than one inch. Ideal heel height: One inch or lower; but avoid picking flat heels at any cost.

6. shoes  Color

Though black and brown are the most common shade in dress shoes, black is the most versatile one, letting you pair it up with almost anything. Browns and tans are more ideal for business casuals and need much more care when styling.

7. Lace

Formal shoes should ideally be laced, this is because they look more professional as compared to other models like loafers and slip-ons.

Best formal shoes for men in India

Traditionally, black is considered the go-to color for formal shoes. But in recent times, suede especially, in various colors and browns has gradually begun to challenge the black leather monopoly. While the brighter counterparts have not yet got a full formal acceptance, brown has managed to get a strong foothold in the formal party.

For the confused souls, who have trouble picking the right formal shoes, from the overwhelming number of options, we have rounded up some of the best formal shoes for men. So shoe on…

1. Black Tuxedo Shoe

A proper tux isn’t complete without a pair of classic black patent leather lace-ups. Thanks to their slim profile, our calf leather Blake-stitched shoes lend a contemporary finish to the traditional black-tie attire.

Black Tuxedo Shoe
Black Tuxedo Shoe

2. Brown Double Monk Strap

Made from supple leather, these elegant brown monk straps feature full leather lining, heel, and sole with rubber injection for added comfort and traction.

3. Brown Oxford

These classic brown Oxfords are crafted from supple calf leather in a flexible Blake stitch and feature full leather lining and sole.

4. Brown Oxford Brogue

These brown Oxford lace-ups are crafted with an intricate brogue accent from supple calf leather and are crafted in a lightweight, flexible Blake stitch.

Brown Oxford Brogue
Brown Oxford Brogue

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